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Guide to Grading

The following guide is presented to help you determine the overall qualtity of a partickular timepiece. Bear in mind that this is a guide only, thus a numerical range is given for each category. A mint watch that shows no wear but has a very light crease, would be dropped down to excellent due to this minor blemish. The fact remainds that the overall condition is still mint. The reverse of this, of course, would be a watch that is graded excellent even though the case shows very little ware. It may show a brassy look, thus the excellent rating. 

Case and Movements :

  • UNUSED .......100% = Never worn, no problems whatsoever, looks the same as it did when it left the jeweler's store. Watches in this condition are seldom seen and command significant premium.
  • MINT ............ 90-99% = A seldom used watch showing very minor handling blemishes.
  • NEAR MINT .. 80-89% = Shows evidence of occasional use, no easily noticeable signs of wear. A very presentable watch.
  • EXCELLENT...70-79% = Wear and occasional use are evident, no brass, major scratches, or dings are evident.
  • VERY GOOD...60-69% = Wear evident, note there may be minor brass and wear, and possible dings and scratches are evident.
  • FAIR .............50-59% Daily and frequent use are obvious. Easily noticeable brass and wear, and possible dings and scratches are evident.
  • POOR........................Major damage or wear. Fuctional as a holding case only. Not collectable except in a rare piece.

    Dials :

  • SUPERB...........No hairlines, scratches, cracks, flakes or chips visible. In metal dials, full original color, no stains,blemishes, or scratches.
  • VERY FINE................Very attractive but has a light hairline or a couple of edge flakes. Metal dials may have some aging.
  • AVERAGE.................A few hairlines or a well-repaired flake can be found. In metal dials, some discoloration or other slight problem.
  • BELOW AVERAGE....Some damage or other serious problems. In metal dials, discoloration to a point where it should be refinished.

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